Council Commentary

Medium: Delivering for Girls Requires Better Evidence Rather Than Good Intentions

On International Day of the Girl, Thoai Ngo, Program Director of Poverty, Gender and Youth and the GIRL Center at the Population Council, writes at Medium about the critical need for evidence and rigor, rather than good intentions, to truly deliver for girls. 

That's exactly why the new Girl Innovation, Research and Learning (GIRL Center) at the Population Council was founded. The GIRL Center, a new global research center that generates, synthesizes, and translates evidence for policies and programs that are aimed at transforming the lives of adolescent girls, asks and answers new questions about the most pressing issues facing girls worldwide. 

"At the GIRL Center, we are imagining a world where adolescent girls across the globe own their futures. We hope to aid them in this process by producing insights on the needs of girls as they pass through adolescence in order to identify proven programs that deliver the best outcomes for girls and their communities."