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Ms. Magazine: Council’s Elspeth Williams on Impacts of Global Gag Rule

Marking the one year anniversary of the drastic expansion of the Mexico City Policy, Elspeth Williams, Associate Director of Policy and Government Relations, pens an op-ed about why the policy matters and how it threatens global health.

Noting the damage the expansion is causing to the health and rights of people around the world, Williams makes a forceful argument for evidence-based policy and advocacy to drive continued U.S. leadership in global health, including family planning.

“The right to access reproductive health services should not be determined by one’s geography or income, yet the Global Gag Rule denies access to care for an ever-growing number of women and girls every day.

Now is the time to advance, not retreat, our support for reproductive rights globally. Foreign aid to empower women and girls is not about charity, but about equality and justice. Worldwide, women and girls are depending on the United States—the world’s leading global health donor—to continue the leadership we’ve shown for decades.”

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