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New York Magazine: Working to Close the Gender Data Gap

In New York Magazine, Melinda Gates discusses efforts to increase the data available for girls and women, which will ultimately help increase global economic and social progress.

“We’re very evidence-based. We’re going to collect as much data as we can, and then we’ll see where that evidence takes us as to where we ought to make investments. Here’s an example: There’s good data collected by the Population Council down in South Africa. One of the things that it shows is that mobility for girls actually shrinks when they enter puberty. So they might travel ten kilometers before puberty, but as soon as puberty comes, their world shrinks down to about two kilometers. They’re not allowed outside of their circles. Whereas a boy, when he hits puberty, his mobility starts [growing]. [That’s] one piece of data that you wouldn’t even think about, that a girl’s world shrinks when she goes into puberty. Why is that, and what might you do about that?"

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