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NewsDeeply: Engaging Men and Boys Is Essential to Ending Child Marriage

The Women & Girls Hub of NewsDeeply looked at efforts to involve men and boys in programs to empower women and end child marriage, including Population Council’s Addis Birhan in Ethiopia.

Annabel Erulkar, the Council’s Ethiopia country director, said that while programs and policies to curb child marriage should remain focused on females, males must be engaged to foster positive gender norms and reduce harmful practices.

“’The men were very responsive,’ says Annabel Erulkar, who ran the program on behalf of the Population Council. ‘The main message we tried to convey is men should help their wives with the household and children and support the medical needs of their wives.’

Researchers found women whose husbands took part in the sessions were eight times more likely to report they were getting help at home than the women whose husbands did not participate.”

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