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News Deeply: Population Council Program in Bangladesh Reduces Child Marriage

The Women & Girls Hub of News Deeply profiled BALIKA, a Council program aimed at reducing child marriage in Bangladesh.

Two in three girls in Bangladesh are married as children, but new findings show that programs that educate girls, teach them about their rights and build skills for modern livelihoods can reduce the likelihood of child marriage by up to one-third in Bangladesh. 

“Sajeda Amin, a senior associate who leads the Population Council’s work on livelihoods for adolescent girls, says the BALIKA findings clearly demonstrate the impact of programs on delaying marriage age. ‘Now we have not one, but three approaches that are proven to work,’ she says. ‘The BALIKA results show that programs that build girls’ skills and knowledge and elevate their visibility and status in their families and communities while keeping them safe can significantly reduce the average child marriage rate in the community.’”

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