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The Huffington Post: Top 5 Insights From Population Council’s New Synthesis Report On FGM/C

News Deeply's Women & Girls Hub covered the Council's new State-of-the-Art Synethesis on Female Genital Mutiliation and Cutting (FGM/C), featuring commentary from FGM/C Research Program director Jacinta Muteshi-Strachan. The story was cross-published on The Huffington Post.

This state-of-the-art synthesis offers a snapshot of the most recent data available as of July 2016 and the most relevant contextual information on key FGM/C issues in clear, non-technical language that can help inform policymakers, donors, programme planners, and other key stakeholders. News Deeply identified five leading "fresh insights" from the report, including the findings that girls are undergoing FGM/C at younger ages, that prevelence appears to be declining in 14 years, and that many women and men are open to change.

"Muteshi-Strachan says, 'Much of the work done on FGM targets women and rarely targets men around ending the practice. FGM is traditionally seen as women’s business, carried out against women by other women. However, if we are saying women are being cut because men require it for marriage [a claim that is often made by women doing the cutting], then it makes sense to include men in the conversation. The fact that so many men in these communities are open to change should be harnessed to bring about change.'”

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