Council Commentary

Population Council Fellowship Programs: Growing Generations of Scientists and Researchers

For nearly seven decades, the Population Council's fellowship programs have advanced the careers of generations of social and biomedical scientists, researchers, and scholars around the world.

Population Council fellows have gone on to hold influential positions in government and non-governmental organizations, research institutions, and universities, shaping health and development policies, programs, and products.  

Some of the most renowned former fellows who went on to become national and global leaders in their respective fields include: 

  • Dr. Carmen A. Miró, Founding Director of the Center for Latin American Studies of Demography and winner of the 1984 United Nations Population Award
  • Dr. Mercedes B. Concepción, widely recognized as the first Filipina demographer and winner of the 2005 United Nations Population Award
  • Prof. Babatunde Osotimehin, the late Executive Director of the United Nations Population Fund 
  • Dr. Tawfiq-e-Elahi Chowdhury, Energy Adviser to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh

For our 70th Anniversary, we are pleased to launch a Fellowships special series to introduce you to many other fellows who have joined us over the years. We invite you to bookmark and re-visit this page as we showcase a legacy of cultivating leaders in our field. 

Population Council Fellows

  • Dr. Margaret Ilomuanya, Editor-in-Chief of the Nigerian Journal of Pharmacy and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology at the University of Lagos (Jeiven/CBR Fellow 2020)
  • Dr. Cuong La, Adjunct Research Fellow at La Trobe University, and Research and Policy Leader at the Spiritual Health Association in Australia
  • Dr. Irene Selwaness, Associate Professor at Cairo University and Research Fellow at ODI
  • Dr. Dela Nai, Associate I and Acting Country Representative, Population Council Ghana