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Reuters: New contraceptive vaginal ring prevents pregnancy for a year, gives women more control .

A recent feature at Reuters highlights Annovera, the one-year contraceptive vaginal ring developed by the Population Council, and the potential it has to give women more control over their contraceptive choices.

Speaking with contraceptive researchers and physicians, the piece highlights the exciting potential impact of Annovera, which was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration last August, to give more choice, convenience, and control to women in the US and abroad. Ruth Merkatz, director of clinical development at the Population Council, spoke about how Annovera could help women in developing countries, in particular.

The Population Council is planning to make the device available to women in developing countries, which was the main audience it was designed for, said coauthor Ruth Merkatz, director of clinical development at the Population Council.

One strategy may be “trying to get companies in other parts of the world licensed to make it,” Merkatz said. “Our whole focus was women in the developing world. That’s why we worked so hard to develop it. It’s not easy to formulate a contraceptive - or any medication - with enough medication in it to last a full year and be effective without the need for refrigeration.”

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