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Saving Innocence: The Global Fight to End Child Marriage

14 million girls are married each year as children, fundamentally limiting their health, education, future prosperity, and well-being.

America Abroad, an award-winning program distributed by Public Radio International, spoke with Annabel Erulkar, the Population Council’s Ethiopia country director, to highlight her path-breaking work on ending child marriage.

“Programs addressing child marriages have to be implemented in some of the most remote, rural places in sub-Saharan Africa,” said Erulkar. “They’re the most difficult for programmers and researchers to tackle, because in some places, there’s just no access. There’s no road. There’s no electricity. There’s no telephone network. You simply have to walk there.”

At the end of the Council’s pilot program in Ethiopia, the youngest girls—aged 10 to 14 or so—were one-tenth as likely to be married and three times more likely to be in school compared to girls who weren’t in the program.