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Scientific American: Why Women—and Men—Need Better Birth Control

A new feature at Scientific American explores the need for continued research and development for new contraceptive methods that meet the needs of both women and men.

Speaking with experts and stakeholders from across the sector, the piece details the current state of contraceptive innovation and why more methods, not just improvements on existing methods, are essential. Dr. Régine Sitruk-Ware, Distinguished Scientist at the Population Council’s Center for Biomedical Research, speaks extensively about current products that the Council is developing, including a male contraceptive gel currently in clinical trials, and why we need a concerted push for contraceptive innovation.

Safeguarding and expanding access, though vital, need not crowd out the pursuit of better birth control—a truly diverse range of options that meet the differing needs of both women and men at various stages in their reproductive lives. “Adolescents may not want the same method as a woman who is spacing her pregnancies or a woman who has completed her family,” Sitruk-Ware says. Likewise, whereas many women in a committed relationship may consider a male contraceptive a welcome relief, for others, maintaining control themselves over the use of the method is paramount.

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