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The Conversation: Population Council’s rigorous research empowers adolescent girls in rural and urban Kenya

At The Conversation, Council researcher Karen Austrian discussed how the Adolescent Girls Initiative-Kenya (AGI-K) program is reaching vulnerable girls in urban and rural communities who are at risk of dropping out of school, sexual violence and early sexual initiation, early and unintended pregnancy, and early marriage.

Evidence from the program shows that building girls’ social, health, education, and economic assets through a multi-sectoral approach, involving communities and households, is more cost effective and has a bigger impact on girls’ lives than any one intervention.

The AGI-K program is one of five of the Council’s randomized control trials for adolescent girls’ programming with forthcoming results this year.

At the end of the two-year program, the project’s results show positive impact for girls across a broad range of health, social, educational, and financial indicators in both Kibera and Wajir, though results varied across both sites…The design of future interventions for vulnerable girls needs to account for the context to maximize efficiency of spending resources –- particularly on education cash transfer programs.

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