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The Daily Graphic: Julia Bunting visits the Reproductive Health Unit (R3M) in Ghana

Population Council President Julia Bunting recently visited the Reproductive Health Unit (R3M) of the La General Hospital in Ghana to learn more about the country’s efforts to integrate reproductive health into the national health delivery system. The Hospital was founded by the Population Council and Ipas in 2008.

The R3M program provides financial and technical assistance to enable the government of Ghana to expand women’s access to modern family planning and comprehensive abortion care. Since 2006, a consortium of five organizations including the Population Council, EngenderHealth, Ipas, Marie Stopes International, and the Willows Foundation has supported the government to provide reproductive health and safe abortion services.

“It’s inspiring to see what you are doing.” Ms. Bunting said of the newly integrated services at the hospital. It is now easier for women and youth to access essential reproductive and maternal health services while also addressing their general health needs.

Dr Omari-Yeboah, an Obstetrician and Gynecologist at La General Hospital, said the hospital served over 200,000 people and offered 24-hour services for emergencies. Over 50,000 women aged 15-49 years have received care at La General Hospital.

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