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The Guardian: Addressing Stigma and Affordability Issues around Menstrual Health in Kenya

A new feature in The Guardian spotlights Population Council’s research through the Nia Project, which assesses how providing menstrual health products and reproductive health education affects girls’ education and health in Kenya.

The article explores some of the challenges that girls and young women in Nairobi face related to menstruation and the work advocates are doing to make menstrual products more affordable and less stigmatized. The Guardian interviewed Eunice Muthengi, Population Council associate, who is the principle investigator of the evaluation of the Nia Project.

“Perhaps most important is the emerging research. Muthengi’s study, in partnership with ZanaAfrica and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, is the first of its kind in sub-Saharan Africa. ZanaAfrica will distribute a variety of sanitary products and will pilot Nia teen magazine , to teach girls about menstruation and reproductive health. The final study will provide insights into the individual and combined effects of sanitary pad distribution and reproductive health education on girls’ education and health.”


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