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The Guardian: Julia Bunting Speaks About Demographic Dividend and the Power of Family Planning

Photo credit: Neil Thomas/Corbis/Getty Images

A new podcast at The Guardian looks at the importance of the growing population of young people and how family planning can affect economic development. Population Council president Julia Bunting chimes in to discuss the demographic dividend as well as its benefits.

In the world today, there are 1.8 billion young people. Without access to services or quality information, young boys and girls don’t receive the knowledge or empowerment they need to make great decisions which can affect their livelihood and the babies that they’re giving birth to. Population Council has decades of evidence on family planning, what works, and its multiple benefits.

“When you give a woman or a young person the right to determine freely and for themselves whether, when and how many children to have, then their life chances are transformed. They don’t have unintended pregnancies, they’re not at much risk of unsafe abortions and maternal mortality. We see that they choose to have fewer children and to invest more in those children. So those children have greater life chances; they’re likely to be more healthy, they have more years of education and they’re more likely to be productive in the labour force.”

Listen to the podcast at The Guardian.