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The Huffington Post: With UNFPA Cuts, Health and Rights of Vulnerable Girls Are On The Line

Photo credit: Christina Cauterucci/Slate

Seema Jalan of the United Nations Foundation's Universal Access Project writes in The Huffington Post that vulnerable girls' health, rights and dreams are being jeopardized by the decision to cut U.S. funding of UNFPA, drawing on her recent meetings with mentors in the Population Council's Abriendo Oportunidades program in Guatemala.

Jalan describes the courage and commitment of Elvira Cuc Choc, a 24-year-old mentor who teaches marginalized youth about empowerment, consent, life skills and health education.

“Elvira is a youth mentor with Abriendo Oportunidades, or “Opening Opportunities,” a Population Council program funded by UNFPA – and, by extension, the U.S. government – that works to provide vulnerable Mayan girls in Central America, many of whom live in isolated rural areas, with the skills and support they need to improve their lives. Just $150 can support a girl’s access to essential health services and information for two years.”

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