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The Lancet Global Health Blog: What Evidence is Up Against

Photo credit: John Healey Photography

Defending evidence isn't just important – it’s a necessity. Population Council president Julia Bunting illuminates the need for quality evidence and the uphill battle it currently faces in an op-ed featured at the Lancet Global Health blog.

On a fundamental level, evidence identifies needs, providing us a roadmap to invest in what works, determine what is scalable, and assess what makes financial sense. While it would be naïve to think it would ever be the only consideration, robust evidence is the necessary foundation of effective policymaking and programme design. However, as we continue to see in 2017, programmes and policies are too often based not on facts, but on intuition or ideology.

There has never been a more vital time to invest in research, precisely because it is under attack. At such a pivotal moment, quality research that produces reliable evidence is more essential than ever, because it is evidence that underpins improvements in our lives. We need to challenge the ideological fortresses that reject evidence and prioritize the time and money necessary to produce high-quality research. We must value evidence not only as a fundamental aspect of policymaking and programme design, but a social good.

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