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The Telegraph: Egypt Should Promote Education and Empowerment for Women

Photo credit: Mohamed El-Shahed/AFP/Getty Images

A new feature at The Telegraph explores the limitations and constraints of Egypt’s “Two is Enough,” campaign, which aims to slow down rapid population growth in Egypt.

Nahla Abdel-Tawab, country director of the Population Council in Egypt, notes the critical role that gender equality needs to play in any conversation or campaign regarding fertility. Rather than simply encouraging lower birth rates, the Egyptian government should promote education and empowerment for women.

Nahla Tawab, country director of the Population Council, an international NGO, said a key factor in controlling the birth rate will be if more women stay in education and find employment.

“If women are at home not working what else are they going to do other than have children?” she said. “What the government needs to do more of is create employment opportunities for women - help women stay in school, complete secondary education and then move onto university.”

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