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Thomson Reuters Foundation: Why Family Planning is a Smart Investment for Britain

Photo credit: Mariana Ceratti / World Bank

At the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Julia Bunting, President of the Population Council, details why, ahead of the Family Planning Summit, now is the moment for Great Britain to recommit to investing in family planning.

Investing in family planning has been shown to be one of the best buys in global development. Since the commitments made during the London Summit in 2012, when more than 20 countries pledged to improve access to contraceptives and donors committed US$2.6 billion in support, global support has continued to grow. But there is still so much work to do, and it is incumbent on Great Britain and global leaders, Julia Bunting argues, to reaffirm their commitment to this critical investment.

"Providing access to family planning isn’t just an affirmation of human rights—It is one of the best ways to help women and their children out of poverty. And when we give all women that opportunity, entire countries see their demographic patterns shift and economies are transformed."

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