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USA Today: Zika and Lack of Contraceptive Options Increase Abortion Rates in Latin America and the Caribbean

In USA Today, Alejandra Colom, an associate and Guatemala Country Director at the Population Council, discusses the cultural influences in Latin America and the Caribbean that limit women’s access to contraception during the Zika epidemic, and how this is affecting the region’s abortion rates.

“In many Latin American and Caribbean countries, basic contraception, such as birth control pills and IUDs, are in short supply. That means even women with access to a doctor or clinic may not be able to get birth control, said Alejandra Colom, who works in Guatemala for the Population Council, which studies family planning.

The region's conservative culture often puts men in control of their family's size, rather than women, Colom said. Many women are unable to persuade their partners to use condoms.”

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