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What the COVID-19 Pandemic Is Showing Us About the Global Learning Crisis

Photo credit: Jorge Silva/REUTERS

In the Council on Foreign Relations’ Women Around the World blog, Council researchers Nicole Haberland and Timothy Abuya discuss the impact of COVID-19 on progress in education worldwide.

The authors underscore the adverse effects of the pandemic on those who are already at greater disadvantage, including girls living in poverty, and how “more than ever, we need to make sure investments [in education] are effective, smartly targeted, and driven by a lens of equity and justice.“

In introducing the new 2021 Girls’ Education Roadmap from the Evidence for Gender and Education Resource (EGER), a project of the Population Council’s GIRL Center, the authors offer a snapshot into “who’s doing what, what’s working where, and what the biggest needs facing girls are” to help inform critical decisions related to education.

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