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World Bank Education blog: Why gender parity is a low standard for success in education

Photo credit: uong Hai Hoang / World Bank

In a post at the World Bank Education for Global Development blog, the Population Council's Stephanie Psaki, PhD expands on new research that indicates that gender parity in educational attainment may mask other important inequalities. 

In a new paper published in Population and Development Review, Council researchers explore recent progress in girls’ education in 43 low- and middle-income countries. Their analyses revealed that despite significant advances in recent decades, progress towards gender equality in global education has stagnated in many countries. While more girls are in school than ever, substantial gender gaps remain in grade attainment and learning outcomes.

"The global focus on gender parity fails to capture much of what is actually necessary to achieve gender equality. Raising our standards to include broader measurements of gender equality will enhance our efforts to accelerate progress for girls – and boys – around the world."

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