Journal Article

Acceptability of PC-1005 gel administered rectally to HIV-1 seronegative adults at three different volume levels (MTN-037)

Multipurpose prevention technologies (MPT) have been increasingly researched for their dual-purpose preventative properties against HIV and other STIs. The acceptability of PC-1005, a topical MPT candidate, was explored among men and women participating in the MTN-037 Phase I trial at two U.S. sites (Pittsburgh, PA, and Birmingham, AL). We triangulated quantitative and qualitative assessments of the acceptability of three volumes (4 mL, 16 mL, 32 mL) of PC-1005 administered rectally (N = 12; 6 males, 6 females). Participants rated overall gel acceptability on a scale of 1–10, with a median of 7.17 (SD = 2.04) and had positive feelings about all three dose volumes, citing them to be very comfortable or comfortable (dose 1 = 91.7%; dose 2 = 91.7%; dose 3 = 83.3%). High acceptability of and comfort with all three dose volumes shows promise for PC-1005 as an MPT to prevent HIV and STIs, warranting future clinical development.