Adolescent Girls’ Programming: Community of Practice

The Council is helping to strengthen the capacity of NGOs, UN country teams, and government agencies to design, implement, and evaluate effective, scalable programs that build the health, social, economic, and cognitive assets of adolescent girls.

The Issue

While investment in adolescent girls is increasing, there remains a wide gap between what is legally promised and what is practically achieved. This project builds capacity both to reduce this gap and to bring programs for adolescent girls to significant scale.

The Progress

The Council provides technical support and hands-on workshops to assist in the creation of programs that reach and benefit the poorest girls in the poorest communities.

We also provide user-friendly tools to assist in this process. These tools include:

  • country-specific adolescent data guides;
  • instructions on defining the universe of girls in a community and assessing who is reached by programs and services;
  • toolkits for designing, implementing, and evaluating girls’ programs;
  • recommendations for program approaches to build girls’ assets; and
  • guides on developing content for girls’ programs on topics from reproductive health to financial literacy.

The Impact

The Council’s efforts have helped to shape policies and programs of nongovernmental organizations, international agencies, and national governments around the world to improve girls’ lives.

Principal Investigator

  • Judith Bruce Senior Associate and Policy Analyst, New York

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