Data Set

Adolescent Survey, Uttar Pradesh, 2015–16

The Adolescent Survey, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, establishes the levels, patterns and trends in the situation of younger (10–14) and older (15–19) adolescents and assesses the factors that influence the quality of transitions they make. The corresponding data sets contain information on adolescents aged 10–19 and the households to which they belonged. Five categories of adolescents were included in the sample: unmarried adolescent girls and boys aged 10–14 and 15–19 and married girls aged 15–19. Data disaggregated by these categories are representative at the state level. The survey was conducted in Uttar Pradesh during the period September, 2015–January, 2016. A total of 32,348 households and 10,161 adolescent girls and boys aged 10–19 were interviewed. Questions asked of younger and older adolescents differed to a small degree in order to ensure that adolescents were only asked about topics that were appropriate for their age.