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Building Assets Toolkit: Developing Positive Benchmarks for Adolescent Girls

Updated May 2019

For decades, the Population Council has prioritized investments in the poorest girls in the poorest communities. Today, the Council continues to drive efforts among practitioners (and girls and mentors) to define stepwise, achievable benchmarks for girls by age, social category, and context. Through a process we call “Intentional Design,” the Council’s learning tools help put the needs of girls at the center. These tools are informed by evidence of what is needed to keep girls healthy, socially included, and economically prepared.

The Council’s Building Assets Toolkit helps practitioners, policymakers, and advocates build tailored, meaningful, and positive content to help specific subpopulations of girls. The toolkit guides practitioners through a series of steps that must be taken to define common-sense targets—what information, skill, or physical asset (such as an ID card) should a girl in a particular setting have by a particular age.

In high demand since its original publication in English, the toolkit has been translated into many languages and adapted for various cultural contexts.