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Contraceptive Development

The Population Council is the world’s leading developer of long-acting, reversible contraception. Currently, 170 million women worldwide are using a highly effective contraceptive developed by the Population Council or based on our technology, including ParaGard® (Copper IUD); Mirena® (Levonorgestrel 52mg IUD); Jadelle® and Norplant® (contraceptive implants); and, most recently, Annovera® (the contraceptive vaginal ring).

Despite the increased use of modern contraception globally over the past 50 years, approximately 48% of all pregnancies are unintended and more than 218 million women in low- and middle-income countries still have unmet need for modern contraception. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic, which has exacerbated access barriers to reproductive health services, has highlighted a need for more de-medicalized, self-administered contraceptive options to ensure access, availability, and choice.  

Our vision is to continue to innovate and improve reproductive health by creating methods that expand user control, enhance safety and choice, and provide secondary benefits. Scientists at the Population Council Center for Biomedical Research are committed to identifying new drugs and delivery systems, conducting preclinical studies and late-stage clinical trials, and working with regulatory authorities to bring new technologies to the market. Our contraceptive product pipeline includes: 

We develop our products in conjunction with the Population Council’s Social and Behavioral Scientists (SBS), many of whom live and work in lower- and middle-income countries. Our SBS colleagues help to ensure that the end user perspective is incorporated into our product design throughout the development process. Our products are rigorously tested and evaluated and submitted to stringent regulatory authorities for review and approval.

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