Journal Article

Contraceptive technologies for global health: Ethically getting to safe, effective and acceptable options for women and men

While the contributions of science, biomedicine, and engineering to contraceptive development offer wonder and promise to the community, what inspires many of us in the not-for-profit sector about the process of contraceptive product development is the integration of consultations with users, providers and policy makers, good clinical and manufacturing practice in product design and development, and the delivery of approved products at affordable prices to those in greatest need. The commitment to have an impact on the reproductive lives of women and men along with the ethical principles embedded in this process of achieving safe, effective, and acceptable options include the respect for persons, i.e., eventual users, beneficence for those using the product and justice in ensuring that it is available to those who are most vulnerable, including those in developing countries. It is the inspiration that drives the scientists and developers to produce public benefit and additional social value.