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Enhancing customer satisfaction for health services

The Family Planning (FP) 2020 global partnership has achieved significant gains since its inception, and while it strives to accelerate uptake of voluntary FP services, women in developing countries continue to face an unmet need for modern contraceptive services. Critical opportunities for action exist in the area of understanding the effects of quality of family planning services and continued contraceptive use. Measuring and tracking the quality of FP services is an important aspect of improving service delivery, and client feedback also offers critical insight into the design of demand generation and uptake strategies for a contraceptive. In this report, we present a literature review on the current trends in customer feedback management in the private sector, particularly in industries that closely resemble the health-services sector. We believe that the well-tested business principles that drive success in the services business can be effectively used to scale solutions to address client satisfaction in the global health sector.