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Isabel Vieitez Martínez

Mexico Country Director

Mexico City, Mexico
Isabel Vieitez Martínez

Isabel Vieitez Martínez joined the Council’s Mexico office in 2017 as a Senior Program Researcher focused on promoting access to safe and legal abortion services and to expand services for adolescent girls in Mexico. As Council Country Director, Isabel will lead, represent, and manage the Council’s mission, research, and relationships in Mexico and the surrounding region. She manages administration and operations of the Mexico office, oversees the implementation and monitoring of activities across the Council’s three areas of social and behavioral research, as well as initiates and develops proposals for new funding and programming to build and diversify the Mexico office portfolio.

Vieitez Martínez has provided steady leadership and support for research and operations in Mexico. She has published in several international peer-reviewed journals and has over 10 years of research and advocacy experience centered on adolescent and women’s health, including the design, monitoring, and evaluation of public health initiatives at key national institutions, such as her role as Researcher and Advisor to the Director General at the Mexico National Institute of Public Health.

Prior to beginning her career in research, Isabel worked as a family doctor focused on preventive medicine and family planning and taught health education to adolescents in Mexico City. She holds an MD from the National University of Mexico, with a specialization and a Master’s degree in Public Health from the National Institute of Public Health.

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