Key Staff

Kelly Hallman

Senior Associate

New York, New York

Kelly Hallman, PhD, is a health policy researcher who focuses on girls’ empowerment, indigenous empowerment, violence prevention, HIV prevention, adolescent sexual health, and equity in access to opportunities and services. Kelly combines quantitative and participatory research methods to explore how programs can be more effective. She has worked throughout sub-Saharan Africa and in Central America and South Asia. She serves as an adviser on various panels and studies, including the Population Council’s Institutional Review Board.

Kelly’s research has demonstrated that girls’ access to community resources shrinks—while that of boys expands—at puberty due to threats of sexual violence; that intersections of poverty, puberty-timed household labor demands and gender role restrictions – not indigenous ethnicity – are the largest barriers to Mayan girls’ schooling in Guatemala; the helpful impacts of female social networks in reducing girls’ HIV risk experiences in South Africa.

Kelly is an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma. She received her PhD in economics from Michigan State University.

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