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Momoe Makino

Visiting Research Fellow, GIRL Center

New York, New York
Momoe Makino

Momoe Makino is a visiting research fellow at the Population Council’s Girl Innovation, Research, and Learning (GIRL) Center, which generates high-quality evidence to transform the lives of adolescent girls in low- and middle-income countries. She conducts empirical analyses on the adolescents and young people living in low- and middle-income countries to explore the common mechanisms behind child marriage and the lack of female labor force participation.

As a Population and Household Economist, Dr. Makino has been conducted empirical analyses on gender issues in South Asian countries. She has investigated how seemingly gender discriminatory practices such as dowry possibly function as a protective measure for women in the context where women’s property rights and safety are not sufficiently protected in reality.

Prior to joining the Population Council, Dr. Makino worked as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Developing Economies, where she designed and supervised the unique household surveys with an aim to collect specific datasets such as gender relations within the household and the level of women’s empowerment, and empirically investigated the nature of seemingly gender discriminatory practices such as dowry, bride price, and sex-selective abortion. Her research has generated policy implications about how to effectively discourage these practices. She also cooperated with international and local NGOs working in low- and middle- income countries, and conducted their programs’ impact evaluation. She received her PhD in Economics from University of Washington.

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