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Neelanjana Pandey

Senior Program Officer I

New Delhi, India
Neelanjana Pandey

Neelanjana Pandey is a Senior Program Officer at the Population Council.  She coordinates and manages research programmes related to adolescents’ lives, particularly focusing on their education, work participation, marriage, and sexual and reproductive health issues. Pandey specializes in Population Sciences and Statistics and has been a key contributor in designing experimental and quantitative studies in the Poverty, Gender, & Youth (PGY) program within the Council's India office. In her role, Pandey coordinates the execution of studies, monitors their progress, conducts complex quantitative data analyses, disseminates the findings at various forums, and liaises with stakeholders.

She is a core member of an ongoing longitudinal study of adolescents aged 10-19 years in the states of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh through the project UDAYA (Understanding Lives of Adolescent and Young Adults). She is also co-leading sites in India for multi-county studies that focus on education and child protection issues such as child labour and early marriage.

Before joining the Council, Pandey was a Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant at UNICEF India, where she implemented and monitored large scale rapid surveys of children across all states in India.

She has presented more than 10 scientific papers internationally and is the author of more than 18 peer-reviewed papers, technical reports, policy briefs and book chapters.

Pandey has a PhD in Population Studies from the International Institute for Population Sciences, Mumbai, where she explored access to public health facilities and its impact on utilization of maternal care services.

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