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Stephanie Psaki

Associate II, Poverty, Gender and Youth

New York, New York

Stephanie Psaki conducts research on the intersections between girls’ education, sexual and reproductive health, and violence. Psaki’s work includes evaluating what works to improve the quality of girls’ education and to maximize the benefits of education to girls and their communities, as well as ensuring that high-quality evidence is used to shape programs and policies. Psaki also serves as the editor of Studies in Family Planning, a scholarly journal published by the Council.

Before joining the Population Council, Psaki worked on girls’ education at FHI 360, and supported efforts to integrate gender into FHI 360’s health and education programs. Earlier she worked at the Fogarty International Center at the NIH as a co-investigator on an eight-country child health study. As a doctoral student at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, she worked on monitoring and evaluation for Advance Family Planning, an advocacy project to expand access to high-quality family planning services globally.

Psaki holds a PhD in women’s health and demography from Johns Hopkins University, and an MS in population and international health from Harvard University.

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