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Thoai Ngô

Vice President of Social and Behavioral Science Research

New York, New York
Thoai Ngô

Thoai Ngô is the head of the social and behavioral science research (SBSR) department at the Population Council, which is responsible for advancing the organization's research agenda and implementing its strategy to tackle pressing social, economic, health, and climate issues worldwide. He leads a global team of interdisciplinary scientists and researchers based in 14 countries with expertise in demography, epidemiology, economics, public health, sociology, and science communications. Ngô oversees the Council SBSR international research portfolios and initiatives to conduct rigorous science, generate high quality evidence and innovative data products, and communicate evidence strategically to influence social, economic and health policies and investments. He is a member of the organization’s Executive Leadership Team.

Ngô has led and expanded research departments at leading international research institutions and nonprofits tackling a wide range of global health and development issues. Ngô previously served as the Director of the Poverty, Gender, and Youth (PGY) Program at the Council–a global research program that seeks to understand and address the social dimensions of poverty, the causes and consequences of gender inequality, and the disparities and opportunities that arise early in life and in adolescence. He is also Founding Director of the Council Girl Innovation, Research and Learning (GIRL) Center, which generates and translates high-quality evidence on adolescents to support investments that transform their lives.  As a champion for open data, Ngô and his team launched the Adolescent Data Hub (ADH) in 2018–a unique, open data portal on adolescents and young people living in low- and middle-income countries, widely used by researchers around the world.

Prior to the Council, Ngô was the Senior Director and Vice President of Research at Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), a non-profit that evaluates solutions for alleviating poverty and addressing developmental problems. There, he led a department of more than 500 research staff conducting more than 250 impact evaluations of programs and policies to tackle global poverty issues. He also served as Head of Global Research at MSI Reproductive Choices, a non-governmental organization that delivers SRH services in 42 countries, where he was instrumental in building its international research department. Ngô was also a researcher at Johns Hopkins University and a research fellow the National Institutes of Health. 

Ngô is a recognized scientist who has served as an advisor on research and policy agenda setting on health and development issues to multilateral and bilateral donors, private foundations, universities, United Nations agencies, and governments around the world. Ngô lectures at leading global health universities and chairs the Ibis Reproductive Health Board. In 2017, Ngô was recognized as one of the 120 Under 40 of leaders making a difference in reproductive health worldwide. He received his PhD epidemiology and population health from the London School for Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and his Master of Health Science in Global Epidemiology and Disease Control from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

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