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Thomas Zydowsky

Director of Biomedical Research and Pharmaceutical Development, HIV and AIDS

New York, Center for Biomedical Research
Thomas Zydowsky

Tom Zydowsky is the director of biomedical research and pharmaceutical development in the HIV and AIDS program at the Population Council’s Center for Biomedical Research (CBR). He leads the CBR program and one of the Council’s team of scientists in working to understand the biological mechanisms by which HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are acquired and progress, to develop multipurpose prevention technologies (MPTs) that deliver both microbicides and contraceptives, and to manufacture and characterize clinical trial supplies. He also works across the Council and with external collaborators to accelerate MPT preclinical and clinical development. Previously he served as a senior scientist and the director of pharmaceutical R&D in the Council’s HIV and AIDS program.

Zydowsky received his PhD in organic chemistry from the University of Georgia and a certificate in regulatory writing from the University of the Sciences in Philadelphia. Following a National Institutes of Health fellowship with Heinz Floss and Leo Paquette at the Ohio State University, Zydowsky joined Abbott Laboratories, where he designed and synthesized renin inhibitors, angiotensin II antagonists, and nitric oxide synthase inhibitors. Before joining the Council in 2007, he also worked at Cubist Pharmaceuticals (anti-infectives), Shipley (semiconductor materials), Eisai Research Institute (GPCR inhibitors), and FMC Corporation (GABA inhibitors and muscarinic agonists). Zydowsky is also a freelance writer and specializes in biographies of influential chemists.

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