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In Ghana, the Population Council generates evidence that expands access to community-centered, high-quality healthcare. The Council has been conducting social science research in Ghana since 1989, and established an office there in 2002.

A country-wide healthcare reform effort was driven by the Council’s work on the Community-based Health Planning and Services (CHPS) project, which improved the accessibility, efficiency, and quality of health and family planning services by relocating nurses from clinics to community health compounds. The Government of Ghana issued the Community-based Health Planning and Services National Policy in the late 1990s, and CHPS is being scaled up nationwide.

The Council has initiated and collaborated with the Ghana Health Service in the implementation of several training programs for health staff. One such program was the introduction and training of community health nurses (CHNs) in the insertion and removal of contraceptive implants. This pilot served as a basis for the 2013 review of the policy, which now permits CHNs to offer implant services. The Reducing Maternal Mortality and Morbidity (R3M) program, coordinated by the Council, is increasing access to family planning and safe abortion care in the three most highly populated regions in Ghana.

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  • Kamil Fuseini Senior Researcher, Ghana
  • Dela Nai Associate I and Acting Ghana Country Representative, Ghana

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