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Girls’ Education

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Outside of the family, schools are the main place where young people learn the skills they will need to succeed as adults. Education equips girls with the tools they need to postpone sexual initiation, marriage, and childbearing; earn an income; and play an active role in decisions that affect their lives. Educated women also choose to have fewer children, and those children tend to be healthier.

The Council is at the forefront of identifying what works in girls’ education. We are gathering the evidence needed to ensure that all girls can complete a high-quality, safe secondary school education.

The Population Council is collecting comprehensive data on what works to get girls into school, ensure that they are learning while in school, and support healthy transitions to adulthood after they leave school. Our research shows that girls’ education is about more than schooling. Improving the well-being of adolescent girls—both in and out of school—requires addressing their needs in multiple ways by building their educational, health, social, and economic assets.

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