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Integration of HIV and Sexual/Reproductive Health Services

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The integration of HIV with sexual and reproductive health services has the potential to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of health systems and providers and to better meet the needs of clients seeking these services. The Population Council conducts research and evaluates strategies for integrating care, with a focus on increasing acceptability and feasibility.

Our work has included the development of a toolkit to assess health systems’ readiness to deliver integrated services, and impact and implementation research on the feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness of multiple integration strategies.

Council staff members serve on national and international committees that develop standards that link reproductive health and HIV and AIDS care. Council research informs development and expansion of integrated service-delivery models.

We are investing in the R&D of multipurpose prevention technologies to make them accessible to women globally. As a leader in both contraceptive and microbicides development, the Council is pursuing the development of technologies that allow women to prevent pregnancy and protect themselves from HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Projects (4)

Key Staff (15)

  • Chi-Chi Undie Senior Associate, Kenya
  • Waimar Tun Associate II, Washington, DC
  • Avina Sarna Senior Associate, India
  • Aparna Jain Associate II & Deputy Technical Director, Evidence Project, Washington, DC
  • Julia Adams Deputy Director for Administration, The Evidence Project, Washington, DC
  • Erika Martin Director, Research Impact, Washington, DC
  • Timothy Abuya Associate I, Kenya
  • Amanda Kalamar Associate II & Technical Director, Breakthrough RESEARCH, Washington, DC
  • Adaku Ejiogu Director of Project Operations, Breakthrough RESEARCH, Washington, DC
  • Sanyukta Mathur Associate II and DREAMS Implementation Science Project Director, Washington, DC
  • Ekechi Okereke Project Director, Reproductive Health/Human Resources for Health, Nigeria
  • Fatou Mbow Senegal Country Representative, Senegal
  • Michelle J. Hindin Program Director, Reproductive Health, New York
  • Ashish Bajracharya Deputy Director, Country Strategy & Regional Representative – South and East Asia, Bangladesh
  • Nahla G. Abdel-Tawab Senior Associate & Egypt Country Director, Egypt
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