Journal Article

Kenyan female sex workers’ use of female-controlled non-barrier modern contraception: Do they use condoms less consistently?

To examine whether non-barrier modern contraceptive use is associated with less consistent condom use among Kenyan female sex workers (FSWs).

Study design
Researchers recruited 579 FSWs using respondent-driven sampling. We conducted multivariate logistic regression to examine the association between consistent condom use and female-controlled non-barrier modern contraceptive use.

98.8% reported using male condoms in the past month, and 64.6% reported using female-controlled non-barrier modern contraception. In multivariate analysis, female-controlled non-barrier modern contraceptive use was not associated with decreased condom use with clients or non-paying partners.

Consistency of condom use is not compromised when FSWs use available female-controlled non-barrier modern contraception.

FSWs should be encouraged to use condoms consistently, whether or not other methods are used simultaneously.