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Maternal and Newborn Health

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The Population Council develops and evaluates interventions to protect the health and lives of pregnant women, new mothers, and their babies.

We believe that a healthier future depends on reaching the most vulnerable and underserved individuals with high-quality care.

We focus on three critical areas of need: safe pregnancy, antenatal, and delivery care; postpartum maternal care; and newborn and infant health. Our projects increase understanding of health-seeking behavior in order to inform healthcare interventions, evaluate national program strategies, and scale up proven delivery models.

We work to ensure that women and their children have access to the care they need.

We develop sustainable methods for increasing access to and use of maternal/newborn healthcare by expanding the range of services available, decentralizing services to the community level, and evaluating strategies to improve the effectiveness of service delivery. Through our research, we provide policy and programmatic guidance for strategies that offer comprehensive care targeted to women’s individual needs.

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