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Since 1979, the Population Council has worked in Mexico to improve reproductive health through high-quality research, program evaluation, and technical partnerships with national and state governments and NGOs. Council research and programs have helped create the evidence base to shape policies and programs that reach vulnerable populations with family planning, address high rates of pregnancy-related deaths, and support women’s rights to safe and legal abortion services.

The Council provided evidence about abortion attitudes, access, and incidence in Mexico that played an important part in passage of the landmark 2007 reform to decriminalize early abortion in Mexico City. Through continued participation in the National Pro-Choice Alliance for Mexico, the Council supports expanded access to safe and legal abortion throughout Mexico.

Other work by the Council’s Mexico office has identified and articulated the needs of pregnant women living with HIV; informed the introduction of emergency contraception into the public health system in Mexico; and documented inconsistent and incorrect use of magnesium sulfate, a life-saving treatment for pre-eclampsia and eclampsia.

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