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Multipurpose prevention approaches with antiretroviral-based formulations

We compared the preclinical safety and efficacy of Tenofovir (TFV) 1% gel and MZC gel containing 50 μM MIV-150 (M), 14 mM Zn(O_2CCH_3)_2(H2O)2 (Z) and 3% carrageenan (C) through a series of in vitroex vivo and in vivo assays. Both gels showed good antiviral therapeutic indexes (>25-800). MZC showed greater anti-SHIV-RT activity than TFV 1% gel in rhesus macaque vaginal explants. MZC protected mice from vaginal HSV-2 challenge (p<0.0001), but the TFV 1% gel did not.