Journal Article

Opportunities and challenges of delivering postabortion care and postpartum family planning during the COVID-19 pandemic

Key Messages
We seek to assist decision makers in maximizing provision of essential services without compromising access to quality family planning care and while minimizing the risk of COVID-19 transmission among clients, and between clients and health care workers.

  • Managers should help facility teams to integrate counseling and provide a range of contraceptive methods as is feasible within existing contacts with pregnant, postabortion, birthing, and postpartum women, even as services migrate to new models with a mixture of in-person and virtual/tele-health consultations.
  • Policy makers should prioritize devoting resources to meet the family planning needs of pregnant, postabortion, birthing, and postpartum women, and the health care workers serving them as an investment against higher health systems burdens in later months and during subsequent waves of the pandemic.