Journal Article

Pre-exposure prophylaxis implementation in family planning services across the southern United States: Findings from a survey among staff, providers and administrators working in Title X-funded clinics

To improve women’s access to pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) in family planning (FP) clinics, we examined readiness to provide PrEP, and barriers and facilitators at the clinic level to integrate PrEP services into Title X-funded FP clinics across the Southern US. Title X-funded FP clinics across DHHS regions III (Mid-Atlantic), IV (Southeast), and VI (Southwest), comprising the Southern US. From February to June, 2018, we conducted a web-based, geographically targeted survey of medical staff, providers and administrators of Title X-funded FP clinics in DHHS regions III (Mid-Atlantic), IV (Southeast), and VI (Southwest). Survey items were developed using the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research to assess constructs relevant to PrEP implementation. One-fifth of 283 unique Title X clinics across the South provided PrEP. Readiness for PrEP implementation was positively associated with a climate supportive of HIV prevention, leadership engagement, and availability of resources, and negatively associated with providers holding negative attitudes about PrEP’s suitability for FP. The Title X FP network is a vital source of sexual health care for millions of individuals across the US. Clinic-level barriers to providing PrEP must be addressed to expand onsite PrEP delivery in Title X FP clinics in the Southern US.