Quality Measurement in Family Planning: Past, Present, Future: Papers from the Bellagio Meeting on Family Planning Quality, October 2015

Leisher, Susannah Hopkins, Andrea Sprockett, Kim Longfield, and Dominic Montagu (eds.). Oakland, CA: Metrics for Management.

Population Council-authored chapters:

Chapter 5: "Constructing indicators for measurement and improvement of the quality of family planning programs: An example using data on choice from the Philippines, 1997–1998," by Saumya RamaRao and Anrudh K. Jain.

Chapter 8: "Examining progress and equity in information received by women using a modern method in 25 developing countries," by Anrudh K. Jain

Chapter 12: "Benchmarking to assess quality of family planning services: Construction and use of indices for family planning readiness in Kenya with data from 2010 and 2014," by Benjamin Bellows, Rasika Behl, Timothy Abuya, Angela Muriuki, Ashish Bajracharya, and Yoonjoung Choi.