The RISING program is building the evidence base for best practices in girl-centered programs to ensure that they effectively and efficiently improve the lives of girls around the world.

The Issue

There is widespread recognition that investing in adolescent girls is critical to the success of such global development goals as reducing poverty and improving health and education. Studies also show that excluding adolescent girls from school, community participation, and meaningful livelihoods has a substantial negative impact on the health of girls and their families, and on the economic prosperity of families and communities.

Programs to improve girls’ health, keep them safe and in school, and give them critical information, a say in their own lives, and a strong network of support are becoming more common in developing countries. To ensure that these programs are effective requires monitoring and evaluation to identify obstacles and allow for improvements.

The Progress

RISING, a Research Initiative for Success in Girl programs, uses implementation science to build upon and refine knowledge about what works to make girls’ lives better. This project explores key questions about girl-centered programs, such as how much exposure to a program is needed to achieve a particular outcome (like the development of more egalitarian views or significantly improved knowledge about sexual and reproductive health), or what types of community-level efforts improve outcomes for girl programs.

A RISING advisory group, comprising donor representatives, independent experts, and Population Council staff members, identifies opportunities within existing adolescent girl programs to fund research to answer key programmatic questions. The Council also offers technical input and support on research design and methodology to recipients of the funds.

The Impact

For decades, the Council has been building the world’s largest body of evidence on programs to improve the lives of adolescent girls. RISING will add to this rich body of information to improve the design and implementation of girl-centered programs and improve the lives of girls around the world.

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