Supporting Operational AIDS Research (Project SOAR)

Project SOAR uses the best available science, research expertise, and state-of-the-art methodologies to generate critical evidence to improve HIV prevention, care, and treatment policies and programs around the world.

The Issue

The HIV epidemic is at a turning point. Globally, the rate of new infections and the number of AIDS-related deaths have decreased. More people than ever are on treatment, and the scale-up of new prevention options can help control the epidemic. Yet challenges remain. Health systems are strained by high demand and limited resources, stigma and gender inequities are limiting access to essential HIV services for the people who need them the most, and programs need more and better evidence to increase coverage and the quality of services to help meet real-world needs. 

The Progress

Through Project SOAR, the Council and partners are conducting HIV and AIDS operations research around the world to identify practical solutions to improve HIV prevention, care, and treatment services. This collaborative five-year program helps strengthen the skills of local research institutions and individuals to conduct and use high-quality research to improve programs and policies, and ensure more efficient and effective delivery of critical services.

Project SOAR's portfolio consists of more than 50 research activities in 24 countries. These activities are examining strategies to effectively introduce HIV prevention interventions for young women and adolescents; increase voluntary medical male circumcision; improve early infant diagnosis of HIV; reduce harmful gender norms; strengthen the continuum of care of those living with HIV; address barriers to improve prevention and access to HIV services for key populations at elevated risk; and much more.

The Impact

Through these studies, Project SOAR is working to:

  • Produce a robust body of evidence to ensure that increasingly constrained resources are used efficiently and effectively to reach those most in need.
  • Improve use of high-quality HIV services through adoption of best practices informed by SOAR’s operations research.
  • Strengthen the capacity of local partners to set operations research agendas, conduct operations research, and use findings.

By linking solid science with practical applications, we can help prevent the 1.7 million annual deaths from AIDS and overcome the stigma, gender inequities, and other structural barriers that inhibit access to and use of HIV services.

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