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Promoting Healthy, Safe, and Productive Transitions to Adulthood

Promoting Healthy, Safe, and Productive Transitions to Adulthood

This groundbreaking series details the experiences and outcomes of Population Council programs to reach vulnerable adolescent girls by:

  • collecting, analyzing, and disseminating evidence on the diversity of adolescent lives and experiences;
  • creating innovative tools for the field;
  • using safe spaces to build social, health, financial, and cognitive assets for a healthy and productive adulthood; and
  • summarizing lessons learned.

The documents provide evidence and policy and programming recommendations to support adolescent girls. 


Child Marriage

  • Addressing the needs of girls at risk of early marriage and married adolescent girls in Burkina Faso (PDF) (PDF en français)
  • Child marriage in the context of the HIV epidemic (PDF) (PDF no português)
  • Costs of marriage—Marriage transactions in the developing world (PDF) (PDF en español) (PDF en français)
  • Delaying early marriage among disadvantaged rural girls in Amhara, Ethiopia, through social support, education, and community awareness (PDF) (PDF en français)
  • Empowering young mothers in India: Results of the First-time Parents Project (PDF)
  • Programs to address child marriage: Framing the problem (PDF) (PDF en français)
  • Reforming marriage practices in Bangladesh (PDF)
  • Supporting married girls: Calling attention to a neglected group (PDF)

Education and Girls

  • Education during humanitarian emergencies: The situation of displaced children and youth in Darfur, Sudan (PDF)
  • Girls' schooling in developing countries: Highlights from Population Council research (PDF) (PDF en español)
  • Investigating school quality and learning outcomes among adolescents in Malawi (PDF)
  • Summary of New Lessons: The Power of Educating Adolescent Girls (PDF)

HIV and Girls


  • Enhancing the benefits of girls' livelihood initiatives (PDF)
  • Influencing girls’ lives: Acceptability and effectiveness of a livelihoods skill building intervention in Gujarat (PDF)
  • Introducing adolescent livelihoods training in the slums of Allahabad, India (PDF)
  • Tap and Reposition Youth (TRY): Providing social support, savings, and microcredit opportunities for young women in areas with high HIV prevalence (PDF) (PDF no português)


  • Assessing equity of access in programs for young people (PDF)
  • Assessing the multiple disadvantages of Mayan girls: The effects of gender, ethnicity, poverty, and residence on education in Guatemala (PDF) (PDF en español)
  • Calling attention to young adolescents: Building the evidence base to inform policies and programs (PDF)
  • Obtaining more accurate and reliable information from adolescents regarding STI/HIV risk behaviors (PDF)
  • Taking programs for vulnerable adolescents to scale: Experiences, insights, and evidence (PDF) (PDF en español)
  • Using data to identify and reach the most vulnerable young people (PDF)

Safe Spaces and Asset Building

  • Addis Birhan project: Working with boys and men to address young girls' social vulnerability (PDF)
  • Biruh Tesfa provides domestic workers, orphans, and migrants in urban Ethiopia with social support, HIV education, and skills (PDF) (PDF en français)
  • Creating "safe spaces" for adolescent girls (PDF) (PDF en español)
  • Empowering adolescent girls in rural Bangladesh: Kishori Abhijan (PDF)
  • Equipping Mayan girls to improve their lives (PDF) (PDF en español)
  • Expanding safe spaces, financial education, and savings for adolescent girls in Kenya (PDF) (PDF en français)
  • Leveling the playing field: Building girls' sports programs and creating new opportunities (PDF)
  • Piloting a safe spaces, asset-building program for adolescent girls in urban Ghana (PDF) (PDF en français)
  • Reducing the social exclusion of girls (PDF) (PDF en español)
  • Scaling up asset-building programs for marginalized adolescent girls in socially conservative settings: The Ishraq program in rural Upper Egypt (PDF)
  • Siyakha Nentsha: Building economic, health, and social capabilities among highly vulnerable adolescents in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa (PDF)

Sexual and Gender-based Violence

  • Addressing sexual and gender-based violence (SGBV) against adolescent girls (PDF) (PDF en español)
  • Addressing sexual violence and HIV risk among married adolescent girls in rural Nyanza, Kenya (PDF)
  • Identifying sources of adolescent exclusion due to violence: Participatory mapping in South Africa (PDF)
  • Protecting young people from sex without consent (PDF)