Journal Article

Using evidence to drive impact: Developing the FP Goals Impact Matrix

When designing a family planning (FP) strategy, decision‐makers can choose from a wide range of interventions designed to expand access to and develop demand for FP. However, not all interventions will have the same impact on increasing modern contraceptive prevalence (mCP). Understanding the existing evidence is critical to planning successful and cost‐effective programs. The Impact Matrix is the first comprehensive summary of the impact of a full range of FP interventions on increasing mCP using a single comparable metric. It was developed through an extensive literature review with input from the wider FP community, and includes 138 impact factors highlighting the range of effectiveness observed across categories and subcategories of FP interventions. The Impact Matrix is central to the FP Goals model, used to project scenarios of mCP growth that help decision‐makers set realistic goals and prioritize investments. Development of the Impact Matrix, evidence gaps identified, and the contribution to FP Goals are discussed.

Published in a peer-reviewed journal of the Population Council.